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Towards a single, centrally designed framework for voluntary actions at the University of Patras

The voluntary group of students of the University of Patras was established with the aim of highlighting volunteering as a way of life, expression and mentality for students at the university. Through our actions, students upgrade their quality of life both inside and outside the university community, thus creating the conditions for them to develop into active citizens. Volunteering, in addition to its multifaceted contribution to the university community and society, is a process of continuous self-improvement. Volunteers are equipped with the values of respect, co-operation and selfless offering.
The group operates having in mind 3 values: the social contribution (blood donations, providing human resources in emergency situations, etc.), the protection of the environment (tree planting, protection of flora and fauna, etc.) and the professional ethics of future scientists in society.
Finally, it aims to create active volunteer cores in all departments of the University of Patras, which will be able to act freely, guiding University activities to the needs of the students of their department.

Committee for the Coordination of Voluntary Actions at the University of Patras


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Charis Dragoidis Student Volunteer

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Nikos Syminis Student Volunteer

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